Real World Case Study


A great web design is just the first step towards having a successful website. In this article we'll take a look at a real world example of how one client benefitted from some help by CJK Design Services.

Article Summary:

A small business owner with an e-commerce website does not understand why he's not seeing any new business from his website despite having spent lots of money on design and e-commerce system.

With a little work from CJK Design Services, our small business owner was able to see almost 13 times more traffic from search engines than before. >>


A small business owner wants to expand his business to the Internet. He realizes the importance of having a website for his business. He wants to sell his products online and invests in a beautiful website design as well as an online merchant system complete with credit card processing.

Our savvy business owner knows the value of affiliates and gets some websites to link to his new website. Also, his existing customers are made aware of his e-commerce website through offline marketing materials and word of mouth. He also has some traffic analysis software installed for his website to see how many visitors are coming to his site.

The Problem

Our business owner was hoping to see more traffic come from major search engines. He was seeing traffic coming either from his affiliates who have linked to his website or from his existing customers who already knew about his website. Our small business owner decides to engage CJK Design Services to help generate more traffic from search engines.

The Analysis

The first thing we do is to take a look at the existing website to see what the problem is. Immediately we find the root causes: the product page is coded in Adobe Flash and much of the text is embedded in imagery. Because of this, all the keyword rich content that would be otherwise let major search engines know what his website was about is rendered useless. Search engines can not index content embedded in Flash and images, and much of his site was in Flash. In fact, the few pages that had relevant content were the About page and the Contact page.

The Solution

CJK Design Services decided to create a new products page written completely in HTML, something that search engines can understand and index. We work with the business owner to figure out what his typical clients search for when looking for his products and we optimize his website for those keywords.

The Results

The diagram below shows you the incoming traffic for our business owner's e-commerce website. The 2 periods correspond to the time before CJK Design Services helped improve search engine traffic and after.

As you can see, in the first period, most of the traffic to his website came from referring sites (websites that link to his website) and direct traffic (visitors who went to his website directly without going through a portal or search engine). Before our help, search engine traffic accounted for about only 3% of his total traffic.

SEO Case Study: Before and After

With some help from us, our small business owner was able to increase his search engine traffic to almost 38% of his total traffic. This represents an increase of nearly 13 times. Our happy owner now begins to see some business from his website due to visitors who find him through search engines.

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