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Web Design & Web Development

Web design is our core competency. We've been doing web design since the beginning of the Internet. Our designers are able to create websites to fit the needs of any business and to suit every taste and style.

Flash Animation

Adobe Flash can be used to enhance the user experience of visitors of your website resulting in improved user retention. When used judiciously, Flash animation can add much needed interactivity to an otherwise static website. With a market penetration of over 97% on all computers, Flash is a viable tool for creating exciting visuals that capture your customers' attention.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving traffic to your web site from search engines using various techniques that make your website easier for popular search engines to find and index your site. Over time, this process will allow your website to rank higher on major search engines.

At CJK Design Services, we use proven techniques in improving your website rank. We're acknowledged experts in the Internet technology industry and keep up with the latest the greatest tools and techniques in online search.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, also known as online marketing, refers to marketing efforts over the Internet, meant to bring in business from the web. Our experts can help those new to the online world with available tools to help market your business on the Internet.

Internet marketing can help save money because of the lower costs compared to traditional marketing methods such as print, radio and television. Also, internet marketing can be done on a reasonable budget due to a reduced need for a large sales force. Online marketing is also much easier to track than traditional advertising due to tools such as website statistics and analytics.

Business Card and Stationary Design

Once you have a great website, you'll want your offline marketing material to match your website so as to create a unified brand for your company. You don't want to confuse your clients with a business card or letterhead that does not match your website.

"Are these two companies the same?" "Why don't they have their act together?" "If they can't even get their left hand to talk to their right hand, how can I trust them?" These are not the kinds of thoughts you want your customer to have. With a single look and design, you'll appear that much more professional.


CJK Design Services can provide you with the finest royalty-free professional photography to complement your website. Don't let cheap unprofessional imagery ruin your otherwise great looking website.

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Small Business Research

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