The End of the site not the farm.

If you’ve been monitoring my site then thankyou. I hope it has been informative and supportive.

The purpose was to share data with my customers and to broaden the understanding of some of what’s involved in trying to procure quality foods. Be they meats from grass fed animals or vegetables and fruit.

The discovery by the u.s. gubt in the 30’s that the nutritional value of foods was falling and that this would lead to increase in disease has been born out by history.
Screaming at politicians to ‘do something’ is a futile exercise as they apparently deem that babies need more vaccines to ‘be healthy’ no matter what the real data says.
I encourage all to grow food with seeds from open pollinated or heirloom seeds (no doubt soon to be classified as ‘un-safe’ by the revived Nazi regime evident in the clear rise of fascist architecture). Get a proper soil test done and source your recommendations away from the big – ag /big pharma propaganda machine.

We will continue to farm in a way that pursues quality and continue to deal with customers on a first come first serve basis.

Hope your quests are fruitful, trumpets and all.
Robin & Family

Get your ‘cide’r here!

Hard to de-‘cide’ : ). The ‘Sesame Street’ song ‘One of these things is not like the others, …One of these things doesn’t belong’.

Finding a way forward which isn’t nihilistic and terminal is the calling of our age and time.

Lycanthrope or lipotrope your choice


Last night while howling at the moon, I paused to reflect on how my werewolf brothers and sisters are really just misunderstood paleo folk. : )

Lipotropics: methionine, choline, inositol, and betaine are compounds that help the liver in it’s production of lecithin and help to break down fats.
Very important substances for those consuming high protein diets. They resist fatty liver and aids the thymus to produce phagocytes involved in immune function.
Lecithin helps the liver to detox and is a nootropic (good for the brain).

On other fronts real food is becoming extinct, by design. The ‘we love science’ crowd (code for playing god and love of money and b.s. or the religion called: ‘scientism’) are engineering ‘food’s’ that are of little use and will create the hell on earth that they apparently crave. Here’s a snippet from an article on Tony Pantalleresco’s site: (see side bar for link to Tony’s site (more below))

“Scientists trace nanoparticles from plants to caterpillars– Are nanoparticles getting in our food?


December 16, 2014


Rice University

The buildup of fluorescent quantum dots in the leaves of Arabidopsis plants is apparent in this photograph of the plants under ultraviolet light.–In one of the most comprehensive laboratory studies of its kind, Rice University scientists traced the uptake and accumulation of quantum dot nanoparticles from water to plant roots, plant leaves and leaf-eating caterpillars.–The study, one of the first to examine how nanoparticles move through human-relevant food chains, found that nanoparticle accumulation in both plants and animals varied significantly depending upon the type of surface coating applied to the particles. The research is available online in the American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science & Technology.–“With industrial use of nanoparticles on the rise, there are increasing questions about how they move through the environment and whether they may accumulate in high levels in plants and animals that people eat,” said study co-author Janet Braam, professor and chair of the Department of BioSciences at Rice.–Braam and colleagues studied the uptake of fluorescent quantum dots by Arabidopsis thaliana, an oft-studied plant species that is a relative of mustard, broccoli and kale. In particular, the team looked at how various surface coatings affected how quantum dots moved from roots to leaves as well as how the particles accumulated in leaves. The team also studied how quantum dots behaved when caterpillars called cabbage loopers (Trichoplusia ni) fed upon plant leaves containing quantum dots.–“The impact of nanoparticle uptake on plants themselves and on the herbivores that feed upon them is an open question,” said study first author Yeonjong Koo, a postdoctoral research associate in Braam’s lab. “Very little work has been done in this area, especially in terrestrial plants, which are the cornerstone of human food webs.”–Some toxins, like mercury and DDT, tend to accumulate in higher concentrations as they move up the food chain from plants to animals. It is unknown whether nanoparticles may also be subject to this process, known as biomagnification.–While there are hundreds of types of nanoparticles in use, Koo chose to study quantum dots, submicroscopic bits of semiconductors that glow brightly under ultraviolet light. The fluorescent particles — which contained cadmium, selenium, zinc and sulfur — could easily be measured and imaged in the tests. In addition, the team treated the surface of the quantum dots with three different polymer coatings — one positively charged, one negatively charged and one neutral.–“In industrial applications, nanoparticles are often coated with a polymer to increase solubility, improve stability, enhance properties and for other reasons,”[F4] said study co-author Pedro Alvarez, professor and chair of Rice’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. “We expect surface coatings to play a significant role in whether and how nanomaterials may accumulate in food webs.”–Previous lab studies had suggested that the neutral coatings might cause the nanoparticles to aggregate and form clumps that were so large that they would not readily move from a plant’s roots to its leaves. The experiments bore this out. Of the three particle types, only those with charged coatings moved readily through the plants, and only the negatively charged particles avoided clumping altogether. [F5]The study also found that the type of coating impacted the plants’ ability to biodegrade, or break down, the quantum dots.–Koo and colleagues found caterpillars that fed on plants containing quantum dots gained less weight and grew more slowly than caterpillars that fed on untainted leaves.[F6] By examining the caterpillar’s excrement, the scientists were also able to estimate whether cadmium, selenium and intact quantum dots might be accumulating in the animals. Again, the coating played an important role.–“Our tests were not specifically designed to measure bioaccumulation in caterpillars, but the data we collected suggest that particles with positively charged coatings may accumulate in cells and pose a risk of bioaccumulation,[F7]” Koo said. “Based on our findings, more tests should be conducted to determine the extent of this risk under a broader set of ecological conditions.”–Story Source-The above story is based on materials provided by Rice University. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.-Journal Reference-Yeonjong Koo, Jing Wang, Qingbo Zhang, Huiguang Zhu, E. Wassim Chehab, Vicki L. Colvin, Pedro J. J. Alvarez, Janet Braam. Fluorescence Reports Intact Quantum Dot Uptake into Roots and Translocation to Leaves ofArabidopsis thalianaand Subsequent Ingestion by Insect Herbivores. Environmental Science & Technology, 2014; 141201181933007 DOI: 10.1021/es5050562


So how should we respond, to all this? It seems to me that if you want children capable of having grand-children and living beyond 30 then plan to take immediate action to limit the poisons and actually find essential nutrition.
1. GARDEN -mineralized with raised beds (many earth worms present, and annual quality compost applied (as long as potassium levels aren’t being driven too high).
2. AVOID as many poisons as possible. A way to identify said poisons is they will all be stamped with approval from the hippocrite’s oath gang. For example a gift bag came home from the dentist that reads:

We believe in these products and have made this investment for your oral health.”
In the bag was a box of ‘Crest’ toothe paste. listing
“medicinal ingredients: Sodium Flouride”.
Why wait to die? When you could ingest sodium flouride which has been used for lethal injections in the death penalty.
Further on the box is a picture of ‘Scope’ mouth wash. Recommending that you use this as well. Ok so what does it say on the back of the ‘Scope’ bottle?
A grocery store locally is promoting ‘their’ organic label, and I noticed the other day that they were selling
‘organic canola oil’! Since there is now no g.m.o. free canola out there this company cynically deems it’s consumers to be idiots, or probably doesn’t even know this as the motive is anything for a $1.

The demand for organic foods is soaring. Now the lesson is are those ‘organic’ foods worth eating? Or rather can a grocery store create there own definitions?

Just stuff

I was really saddened to hear of the passing of Jerry Brunetti. If you never heard Jerry speak he seemed to follow the walk softly and carry a big stick adage. In fact he had this way of making profound statements that had he been a forceful character would have really put him on the map.

My daughter and I saw him at the Organic Meadows conference in Milverton a few years back and he delivered as usual. It was his presentation on the strengths of hedgerows that inspired us to plant one in a field that has a hill where a former owner had removed an existing hedgerow to accommodate larger equipment.

His website (on the education tab scroll down) you can find power-points for his presentations and they are quite compelling. I very much liked his ‘Cows Consciousness and Cancer presentation’. I miss him already.

On a different note I saw this video (courtesy of Tony Pantalleresco) which explains how we are being dosed with nano chemicals including a strong pesticide. There go the pollinators! I think of the line from the song: ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ as rather prescient. Be forewarned this video introduces some serious stuff.

I believe in anthropogenic climate change. In other words we can affect the climate. Every trip into the city in spring and fall I see temperature differences due to the thermal mass of the concrete and the zillions of heat engines and similarly I have sought to build micro-climates on my farm. Clearly we can affect the weather and clearly this is the great goal of the technocrats who decide for the little people. Men and Women who deem themselves to be brilliant play god with our weather and apparently believe that there are too many of us.
Have you heard that all 7 billion of us can have a 1000 sq ft and live in Texas (yes that doesn’t cover our consumption foot print). Now I suppose if my value system was ‘he with the most things when he dies wins’. In this model we were overpopulated with Adam and Eve. Just like we were running out of oil with the 1st tablespoon being used. Of course there are practical and concrete limits.
The worlds oceans are starting to choke on our plastic and junk. We are watching species decline. But the idea that because we exhale CO2 that this translates to global warming is empty rhetoric. The science says otherwise. But those whose agenda is depopulation (whether the population is 1 billion or 6 billion) don’t really care for facts.

I have this feeling like we are on the precipice of major change. I guess my prediction would be hang on this year’s going to be a ride. And do a liver, colon, and kidney cleanse as a precaution. And if you don’t know about chelation with e.d.t.a. then I recommend learning about it.

Hope everyone makes some progress this year.

Whole Life Expo Toronto

Arrived early in T.O. on Saturday day 2 of the expo. 1st stop St.Lawrence Market where the meat shoppe says”Sorry we have no grass fed meat”. ‘Why?’ I asked and apparently there are not enough producers so instead they offer potato and barley fed option from P.E.I.
Certainly a preference to other feedlot finishing styles…

Arrived at W.L.Expo in time to catch Roland Jentschura from Germany. Who I met on the escalator on the way in. He was nice and engaging. In his presentation he explained how:
Acids: meat –>uric acid
pork and eggs –>sulfuric and nitric acids
sweets / sugar –>acetic acid
artificial sugar –>formic acid
soft drinks –>phosphoric acid
coffee, tea wine –>Tannic acid
pain relievers –>acetylsalicic acid
physical overexertion –>lactic acid
stress / anger –>hydrochloric acid
lack of exercise –>carbonic acid
and toxins: environmental (pesticides p.a.h.’s etc)

Expounding on how ‘modern civilization’ they call it ‘civilisatosis’ leads our bodies to demineralize in order to neutralize these toxins and acids in our bodies. Makes sense, he explained further that the ‘neutral salts’ formed with water and fat requires active detoxification efforts as it will not happen without this intervention.

As the body seeks out the minerals in order to keep neutralizing these toxins to maintain the blood at a 7.35-7.45 p.h. It will take the minerals from various stores in the body. Grey hair, wrinkles, varicose veins, hair loss, stones (kidney, gall,) are all just symptoms of the quest of the body to source these minerals (alkaline Ca, Mg, Na, K, mn, zn, cu, co etc. /cations -ecoute bien -round-up denies you these minerals!).
His company sells alkalinizing bath salts, and organic herbal detox kits.
Later I watched Dr. Joel Wallach a dynamic speaker. He reminded me of sitting in a restaurant at an ‘all inclusive’ in the Dominican Republic many years ago, and people getting their morning coffee from the waiter would inquire as to what kind of milk he was offering when he would serve their coffee. He would quickly say: “Chicken Milk!”, and people would double over in revulsion at the thought. You could see that he marveled at the idea that there was this never-ending source of apparently wealthy tourists who didn’t know that chickens don’t give milk. Well in a similar way, peppered throughout his talk Dr. Wallach would, in his way, do a imitation of someone saying….”Well my doctor said not to get too many vitamins and minerals” and he would loudly retort: “Bang! Your dead!” no doubt having faced the continual onslaught of brain dead, zombies that make up a large faction of society that don’t think for themselves and apparently subject to Orwellian doublethink.

Some data he reported:
Forbes magazine reported avg life span of billionaires is 66. Steve Jobs was an un-supplemented vegan who had a 5 star chef cook everything in extra virgin olive oil.
“That chef killed him, he died as sure as he was shot by a deadly pistol.” You know oxidized oils turn into trans fatty acids, poly cyclic amines (sic, he seemed to have contracted polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs)) and acrylamides. These are very dangerous chemicals known carcinogens and we should control our intake of them.

Wallach stated that it is well documented that in 1911, Proctor & Gamble gave the American Heart Association 1.7 million dollars to endorse ‘Crisco’ (shortening) as being a healthier way to eat (providing no science). Great advertising program as doctors then got their patients to eat ‘Crisco’ and to avoid saturated fats. He went on to say that: “Nazi’s according to various reports killed between 40 and 60 million people, and since 1914 medical doctors have tortured and killed 1 billion people by advocating a low cholesterol diet as being healthy.
In fact the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is ‘iatrogenic':
From ‘’ (Dr. Thomas Janossy’s site):’An article in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2000 documented the chilling tragedy of ‘modern’ medicine. 250,000 people die each year from iatrogenic causes (deficiencies in hospitals and prescription drugs, administered by doctors)! It means that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after deaths from heart disease and cancer.’
Wallach told about how Art Linkletter went to the Hunza’s and learned what they did and lived with them and subsequently died at 97; ‘he broke all the rules of healthy eating’. Who made the rules well the doctors did ‘Don’t eat saturated fat don’t eat cholesterol is the b.s. that they still give.
Dairy products eggs and lard sandwiches, was the answer given to another example of folks who out lived by defying the prescription. In this case a 113 year old man living in Louisiana.
He points out that veterinarians spent a 100 billion $ on dogs as there is no health insurance for animals. This led to companies like Purina eliminating some 700 diseases in dogs by simply ensuring proper nutrition.
Do you want to learn the etiology of scurvy? Or would you rather not get it by getting adequate vitamin c?

Wallach stated with a caveat about maternal transmission of celiac disease that there is not a single genetically transmitted disease. That they are in fact all nutritional deficiencies and are not genetically transmitted and you can eliminate these diseases by nutritional supplements.
The field of ‘Epigenitics’ shows how the nature/nurture question has been solved. Both is the answer, the gene only expresses as a function of the environment.

MINERALS -basis of our lives.

Glyphosate / Round-up Intentional product designed to eliminate the majority of the population.
Chemical castrator of all females be they cows or people, ties up the access to manganese which is needed for seed vitality so the men don’t escape.

Taking up the learning curve cause are folks like (in no particular order or respective importance): Vandana Shiva, Stephanie Senef, Mike Adams (for this:,Tony Pantalleresco, Thomas Janossy, to name but a few of the top of my head.
Remember DeNile is a river in Egypt.

Sheeeeeeit !

What’s grass fed beef? An imagined marketing ploy?
Just empty suggestions that fake grains grown with chemicals and genetically modified could ever compete with the glory of nature.

We need to get back to a system that works with real metrics, honesty not marketing b.s. that pretends to have relevant scientific currency instead of vacuous incantations for naive children.

Nutrient what nutrient?

Sections of this missive are from a reprint of an article titled: “Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 17, 2012 Supplements: The Real Story Natural or Synthetic? Foods or Tablets?” The article was written by the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, free subscription can be found here: and the OMNS archive links:

It is my opinion that Orthomolecular physicians are to be widely lauded for their contribution to understanding the origins of true health which in large part comes from nutrition coupled with detoxification and avoidance of toxins and unhealthy environments.
As has now been understood from epigenitics the environment turns on and off the genes.

“A recent health study reported that the risk of heart failure decreased with increasing blood levels of vitamin C [1]. The benefit of vitamin C (ascorbate) was highly significant. Persons with the lowest plasma levels of ascorbate had the highest risk of heart failure, and persons with the highest levels of vitamin C had the lowest risk of heart failure…
The report discussed vitamin C as if it were simply an indicator of how many fruits and vegetables were consumed by the participants. Yet, ironically, the study’s results
show little improvement in the risk for heart failure from consuming fruits and vegetables. This implies that the real factor in reducing the risk was indeed the amount of vitamin C consumed. Moreover, the study appears to utterly ignore the widespread use of vitamin C supplements to improve cardiovascular health. In fact,
out of four quartile groups, the quartile with the highest plasma vitamin C had six to ten times the rate of vitamin C supplementation of the lowest quartile, but this fact has not emphasized. This type of selective attention to food sources of vitamin C, while dismissing supplements as an important source, appears to be an attempt to marginalize the importance of vitamin supplements.

Many medical and nutritional reports have maintained that there is little difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. This is known to be true for some essential
nutrients. The ascorbate found in widely available vitamin C tablets is identical to the ascorbate found in fruits and vegetables [3]. Linus Pauling emphasized this fact, and explained how ordinary vitamin C, inexpensively manufactured from glucose, could improve health in many important ways [4]. Indeed, the above-mentioned study
specifically measured the plasma level of ascorbate, which was shown to be an important factor associated with lower risk of heart failure [1, 2]. The study did not
measure blood plasma levels of the components of fruits and vegetables. It measured vitamin C.

A known rationale for this dramatic finding is that vitamin C helps to prevent inflammation in the arteries by several mechanisms. It is a necessary co-factor for
the synthesis of collagen, which is a major component of arteries. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant throughout the body that can help to recycle other
antioxidants like vitamin E and glutathione in the artery walls [2,3]. This was underscored by a report that high plasma levels of vitamin C are associated with a
50% reduction in risk for stroke [5].
Yes, Synthetic Vitamin C is Clinically Effective”
Consider: “Synthetic vitamin C works, in real people with real illnesses. Ascorbate’s efficacy has little direct relation to food intake. A dramatic case of this was a dairy farmer in New Zealand who was on life support with lung whiteout, kidney failure, leukemia and swine flu [6]. He was given 100,000 mg of vitamin C daily and his life was saved. We have nothing against oranges or other vitamin C-containing foods.

Fruits and vegetables are good for you for many, many reasons. However, you’ll need to get out your calculator to help you figure out how many oranges it would
take to get that much, and then also figure how to get a sick person to eat them all.

It is established that liver function improves with vitamin C supplementation, and it is equally well known that adequate levels of vitamin C are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C improves the ability of the white blood cells to fight bacteria and viruses. OMNS has more articles expanding on this topic, available for free access at .
Deficiency of vitamin C is very common. According to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, [7] nearly half of Americans do not get even the US RDA of vitamin C,
which is a mere 90 mg.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(emhasis is mine)

Synthetic Vitamin E is Less Effective

For some other nutrients, there is a significant difference in efficacy between synthetic and natural forms. Vitamin E is a crucial anti-oxidant, but also has other functions in the body, not all well understood. It comprises eight different biochemical forms, alpha-, beta-, delta- and gamma tocopherols, and alpha-, beta-,
delta-, and gamma-tocotrienols. All of these forms of vitamin E are important for the body. Current knowledge about the function of vitamin E is rapidly expanding, and
each of the eight forms of natural vitamin E is thought to have a slightly different function in the body. For example, gamma-tocotrienol actually kills prostate cancer
stem cells better than chemotherapy does. ( )
Synthetic vitamin E is widely available and inexpensive. It is “DL-alpha-tocopherol.”

Yes, it has the same antioxidant properties in test tube experiments as does the natural “D-alpha-tocopherol” form. However, the DL- form has only 50% of the biological efficacy, because the body utilizes only the natural D isomer, which comprises half of the synthetic mix [8]. Therefore, studies utilizing DL-alpha-tocopherol that do not take this fact into account are starting with an already-halved dose that will naturally lead to a reduction in the observed efficacy.

Then there are the esterified forms of vitamin E such as acetate or succinate. These esterified forms, either natural or synthetic, have a greater shelf life because the ester protects the vitamin E from being oxidized and neutralized. When acid in the stomach cleaves the acetate or succinate component from the original natural

vitamin E molecule, the gut can then absorb a good fraction and the body receives its antioxidant benefit. But when esterified vitamin E acetate is applied to the skin to prevent inflammation, it is ineffective because there is no acid present to remove the acetate ester.

Based on USDA data [9] an astonishing 90% of Americans do not get the RDA of vitamin E, which is, believe it or not, under 23 IU (15mg) per day.Magnesium Deficiency is Widespread

Magnesium is another example. Over two-thirds of the population do not get the RDA of magnesium.[10] Deficiency can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, depression, and diabetes.

Magnesium can be purchased in many forms. The most widely available form is magnesium oxide, which is not very effective because it is only about 5% absorbed

[11]. Magnesium oxide supplements are popular because the pills are smaller — they contain more magnesium, but won’t help most people. Better forms of magnesium
are magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, and the best absorbed is magnesium chloride. It’s always good to consult your doctor to determine your ideal intake.

Testing may reveal unexpected deficiency. [12]
Well, Which? Natural or Synthetic?

While the natural form of vitamin E (mixed natural tocopherols and tocotrienols) is at least twice as effective as the synthetic form, this is not true of vitamin C. The ascorbate that the body gets from fruits and vegetables is the same as the ascorbate in vitamin C tablets. On first thought, this may sound confusing, because there are many so-called “natural” forms of vitamin C widely available. But virtually every study
that demonstrated that supplemental vitamin C fights illness used plain, cheap, synthetic ascorbic acid. Other forms of ascorbate, for instance, the sodium or
magnesium salt of ascorbic acid, are digested slightly differently by the gut, but once the ascorbate molecule is absorbed from these forms, it has identical efficacy. The advantage of these ascorbate salts is that they are non-acidic and can be ingested or topically applied to any part of the body without concern about irritation from acidity.

Further, it is known that essential nutrients are symbiotic, that is, they are more effective when taken as a group in proper doses. For example, vitamin E is more effective when taken along with vitamin C and selenium, because each of these essential nutrients can improve the efficacy of the others. Similarly, the B vitamins are more effective when taken together…
Food Factors

Natural food factors are also important. Bioflavonoids and other vitamin C-friendly components in fresh fruits and vegetables (sometimes called “vitamin C complex”) do
indeed have health benefits. These natural components are easily obtained from a healthy, unprocessed whole foods diet. However, eating even a very good diet does not supply nearly enough vitamin C to be effective against illness. A really good diet might provide several hundred milligrams of vitamin C daily. An extreme raw food
diet might provide two or three thousand milligrams of vitamin C, but this is not practical for most people. Supplementation, with a good diet, is.

The principle that “natural” vitamins are better than synthetic vitamins is a widely quoted justification for actually avoiding vitamin supplements. The argument goes,
because vitamins and minerals are available from food in their natural form, that somehow one might suppose that we are best off by ignoring supplements…

For vitamin E, the natural form, taken in adequate doses along with a nutritious diet, is the best medicine. However, for most vitamins, including vitamin C, the
manufactured form is identical to the natural one. Both are biologically active and both work clinically. It all comes down to dose. Supplements enable optimum intake;
foods alone do not.

Don’t be fooled: nutrient deficiency is the rule, not the exception. That’s why we need supplements. When ill, we need them even more.”

High brix foods (evidence nutrition unless there is genetic Tom foolery) which are generally not found at the supermarket (most veggies and fruits score: ‘poor’ (including “certified” organic n.b. the veggies and fruits that score ‘excellent’ are re-directed to ‘others’) are for those people who have the luxury of the time to work in the garden, and to have a garden that they have soil tested (And they have tested their soil testers to weed out the corrupted industry shills) and then have sourced minerals (again proper minerals that will work to address shortages versus minerals that are useless for example iron not in a ‘ferrous’ form) and
then have learned how to gain the tilth and then have sourced seeds from plants that are able to enable those nutrients and co-factors to make nutrition available.
Since this is the last bastion to ensure longevity the parasites are coming with legislation to ‘save’ you, and to preclude you getting away with having health -true wealth.

Perma What?

Permaculture is not a new concept, though the term is catchy.
Masanobu Fukuoka wrote his seminal piece: The One Straw Revolution in response to the folly he saw unfolding in Japan where agri-business was busy applying chemicals like candy to the soils. He noticed that in nature that plants and trees often thrived with little to no input and sought to strive to replicate this.
Later Bill Mollison in Australia I believe coined the term.
There are many factors involved but the core concept is antithetical to monoculture. Think diversity complementary relationships and energy and nutrient flow.
Here’s a short interview from Liam Scheff’s site:

Chemtrails -Don’t believe your lying eyes!

This youtube video proves that chemtrails are being added post facto to movies so as to suggest that they’ve always been there. The m.s.m. lack of coverage is all the proof one needs. But just in case a simple search will show pictures of the planes with sprayers on the wings, interior shots showing tanks hooked to the sprayers and websites advertising their services and patents that suggest doing this.

Glyphosate blues and Dr. Albrecht and Grandpa always used ‘Round-up’

Listening to a Dr. Don Huber (agronomist / soil scientist) interview on youtube I learned that one of the problems with ’round-up’ is that it prevents as it is a chelator (from the Greek: ‘to grab’) which means that it ties up nutrients -specifically cations (positively charged ions) like calcium, magnesium zinc copper manganese cobalt(i.e. no B12) etc. and this includes nickel.

Dr. Huber explained that nickel is needed in tiny amounts (p.p.m. parts per million)in order for an enzyme to work that allows the nitrogen fixing process of legumes to be available to plants. So if you have been using ’round-up’ then you are short changing your plants from a potential 1,000 lbs of free atmospherically sourced nitrogen per acre. Although patently obvious to those of us trying to procure crops -fertilizer is a necessary input. For grass harvester/producers legumes (nitrogen fixers) are a key part of our growth strategy.

This effectively means that t.p.t.b. are engineering intentionally or unintentionally a nutritional catastrophe. Many are unaware, that we live off the plants ability to synthesize minerals and that this is how we get access to minerals unlike cows,sheep and other ruminants (those that have multi-stomached bacterial pools that allow them to access minerals straight)we are hind gut fermenters and plants act as necessary intermediaries for us.

Minerals act as catalysts for life and are necessary for the creation of enzymes and are at the bottom of enzyme systems essential for good health. Our current food system is limiting our access to said minerals and glyphosate is making this worse. Since ‘disease’ is a function of lack of nutrition and ability to ‘detoxify’ we can see what the outcome of this folly will be.

It seems a core health strategy is a garden growing with open pollinated or heirloom seeds (seeds capable of adaptation -unlike hybrids that are locked in time) rich in compost and a balanced mineral profile. This prescription roll’s off the tongue, but is complicated by the fact that different soils have different mineral profiles and getting minerals into the plants is far more complex than the notion than a one time, ‘one size fits all’ fertilizer spreader application solves all problems.

Dr. William Albrecht an agronomist from last century who lived in Missouri found that when soil contained optimized mineral ratios that plants were healthier and the livestock and other critters -like us that consumed those foods were healthier.

Plants (when they have access to minerally diverse and rich soils) are able to make (again proper agri-‘culture’) what are defined as: ‘plant secondary metabolites’ things like scents, and other defense mechanisms that helps them to mount defenses from insect predation through to many diverse self defense strategies, evidenced by taste (brix) and storability. A useful demonstration of this is to note the immense difference between truly organically grown ginger from proper soils and commercial ginger. You can smell the difference in quality, and if you don’t then question the title.

This is old information, we’ve known, for at least 50 years that food grown with commercial fertilizers (n.p.k. formulations originally called ‘artificial manure’) is inferior to food grown in a way that could only happen naturally. In experiments done at a large boys school (I believe it was the Phillipines) Sir Albert Howard (see An Agricultural Testement)divided the boys into two large groups -one ate food grown ‘organically’ (in the honest spirit of meaning i.e. in both a agri-‘cultural’ sense of ‘organic’ + no synthetic chemicals/ fertilizers or ‘cides’ using compost) and the other food grown with commercial fertilizer. The boys that ate the food procured using commercial fertilizers were the ones that would get sick.
This means that in order to have proper immune function we need proper nutrition (surprise!).

The water cycle means that we will be cycling glyphosate for a good while in our rain. And as the concentrations of it build in our environment maybe a few of us will be around to inform the grand kids why we (society at large)abandoned our responsibilities of care. It would seem that those soils that are rich in organic matter -think minimum tillage with pasture as more viable farming models, in order to culture fungal organisms that will most likely be able to withstand the onslaught.